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About Us

We at Blue Island Seafood serve the tastiest Cajun seafood, the freshest Japanese sushi and most delicious Chinese food!

As our specialty, our selection of seafood includes lobster, crab, shrimp, crawfish, clams and mussels. The tastiest seafood goes into our bag of seafood boil with sweet corn on the cob, juicy sausage and hearty chunks of potatoes to add into the mix. Our Louisiana style Cajun boil is a must try!

Our Japanese sushi chefs prepare sushi, sashimi, and makimono rolls fresh daily. Our ramen bowls are satisfyingly presented and we have meals available for kids.

The kitchen woks are hot and our selection of Chinese food has everything from Egg Roll to Orange Tofu. All our ingredients are prepared from scratch and it all goes into each delicious dish.

We strive for fresh, good quality to satisfy your taste-buds. We at Blue Island Seafood welcome you to the dining table!

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